Designing a Retail Environment Fit for 2020

Much has been written about the demise of retail and the rise of e commerce. Much less has been written about the brands that are bucking the trend and finding success and profitability in the retail space by not competing with online shopping on its own terms.

In the past, consumers ventured to the store because that was the place you could make a purchase. They had no option. Today, consumers can order anything and everything online. They go to a store, not for the sake of convenience, but when they’re seeking a more immersive and memorable experience. They’re able to speak with brand representatives who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products. Many customers want to feel the product, test it out, or ask the necessary questions. 

Lush Cosmetics, a U.K. based retailer that has turned the retail experience on its head and is crushing it here in the United States and abroad. The Unique Retail Environment at Lush Lush makes the same kind of products you could find at any drug store or grocery store — soap, shampoo, lotions, etc. Yet, their products sell for two to three times that of competitors. Much of the disparity has to do with the experience Lush has created within their retail environment. Thanks to the store’s “naked policy,” most products are sold without packaging. That means right when you walk in the door, your eyes are bathed in bright, happy colors and your nose is flooded with delicious smells. Then there’s the regular “detonations” of bath bombs and other colorful products in the basins located throughout the store. This fun atmosphere is topped off by employees who obviously love the products they’re selling and come off more like fellow enthusiasts than salespeople. Staff talk about their experiences with different products and what products they recommend. An employee also stated that employees receive staff bags which include products for staff to use therefore when they speak with customers they’re able to give accurate feedback. 

Finally, because the freshness of Lush’s products is one of the key selling points, facemasks and other products are displayed throughout the store in tubs of ice, much like produce in a deli.

The Retail Environment We Designed for FANCL

Japanese cosmetic company “FANCL” needed a sleek, modern retail store here in the United States. Famous for powerful, preservative-free skin care products, their vision was to create a retail store that mimicked their stores in Japan. 

Empire Display Solutions worked with their marketing and creative team to bring their vision to life. We added high gloss laminates, dimensional signage, custom P.O.P  displays, cove LED lighting and backlit front signs and more. 

Learn more about our award-winning retail environment designs on our website under gallery. If you need help creating a permanent store or pop up shop we are here to help you. Our inventory of custom displays is unmatched, and our experience means that we can provide unmatched customization. 

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