Trade Show Rental Booths as Beautiful as Custom Exhibits

Trade show rental booths give brands a flexible option at industry events. When they’re done right, they provide everything a custom booth does without the financial burden of ownership. Typically described as a budget-conscious option, trade show rental booths don’t have to be a compromise. If you have a booth now and want to add a new touch, we also have rental components add ons available. 

There are many things to consider when choosing to rent or purchase a custom exhibit booth. The amount of trade shows you attend, the key functionalities, and the size are some of the questions you have to consider. Once you review the pros and cons then you’re on to a good start. 

Graphics are easy to install and remove if your brand goes through different designs yearly. This transition is much easier. If you have many trade shows that require different sizing requirements then having different rentals is your best option. At Empire Display Solutions we are trusted by brands like Microsoft and Sony because we provide trade show rental booths that show like custom exhibits. Rent any size or design. 

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