Is your trade show booth defunct?

Sometimes you don’t know your trade show booth is defunct until you’ve taken it to a conference and had the chance to compare it to your competitors booths side by side. And then it hits you all at once—like when you’re in a shoe store and you compare what’s on your feet to what’s on the shelves. On average, the working life of a trade show booth is three to five years. But averages don’t do you much good when you’re talking about an investment as large as a trade show booth. Some booths last 10 years and only need little refurbishments and additions to stay current. Some last just a year.

We wrote this blog to help you figure out if you need a new trade show booth before it becomes an eyesore.

The Marketing Angle

The point of a trade show booth is to market your business and maximize your brand appearance. The key word is market. You need to ask yourself or your marketing team. Is your trade show booth fulfilling your marketing objectives? 

Is your branding going out of style and it's time to revamp? Continuity is important. Be completely clear about what you want your booth to do and what your current booth is providing. Focus on it’s functionality.  Does it storage space? Will you be serving food? Does it allow you to display all your products? Keep this in mind, too: If your current booth checks all the boxes except for one or two, you may be able to add something to it rather than starting from scratch. 

For instance, when Microsoft wanted to showcase its new Windows Phone but didn’t want to invest in an entirely new booth, they turned to Empire Display Solutions for a 20-foot tall back-wall structure with a closet to store materials, handouts, and the exhibitors bags.

The Tax Angle

Underpinning all trade show marketing endeavors is the ever-present budget. What you want and what you can afford are not always one in the same. Find out from accounting if your current trade show booth is categorized as an operating expense, in which case it has already been deducted, or a capital expenditure, which means it may not be fully depreciated.

If it’s a capital expenditure it will be hard to justify the loss of undepreciated value. If it was deducted as a financial expense, you’ll be able to rent or invest in a custom display free of any negative tax consequences.

What’s out there?

Lastly, compare what you have to what’s available. There are many different types of trade show booths, and each one is suitable for different situations. Take into consideration what you want your booth to do for you. 

● Custom Displays

● Hybrid Modular

● Portable Booth & Outdoors

● Rental Displays (All sizes available) 

● Custom Pop Up Displays and Stations

We are here to help and walk you through this entire process. Empire Display Solutions can walk you through the options, answer all questions and concerns you have, help with inspiration and begin your process. 

Still not sure what course to take? We’ve got answers. The world’s leading brands come to Empire Display Solutions because we’re able to bring their vision to life and tailor a product that precisely fits their needs and their budgets.

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