We Built a Digital Trade Show Display for LaCroix

Trade show technology has become one of the greatest differentiators in our industry. There are thousands of options, from gadgets, apps and interactive presentation software. Videoconferencing booths are now being incorporated into booths to attract more visitors and capture more leads.

When LaCroix Sparkling Water, the fastest-growing sparkling water and unsweetened water brand, came to us needing a display to fill a 20 x 40 space, we had to take a few things into account. With slick marketing, creative flavors, package design, and zero sugar, LaCroix has become a favorite of the millennial generation. Sales have more than doubled sales in the past several years. Their brand, as much as their product, is what’s driving their extreme growth. 

We worked closely with LaCroix’s marketing team to create a bright and colorful dimensional display that, like all great custom trade show exhibits, would speak to consumers and build that brand experience.

Lacroix’s digital booth included 

● An interactive photo booth for attendees to take selfies with LaCroix branded


● Two monitors streaming LaCroix-branded messages

● An S-shaped back wall structure using lightweight aluminum extrusion, LED headers and

SEG fabric graphics

● 20-foot semi-circle serving counter with lockable storage and front LED lighting effects

● Custom-cutouts for the LaCroix-branded refrigerators

Your booth needs to be as efficient as your brand. Adding such customizations listed above are examples to create an outstanding booth. 

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