Pop Up Display Marketing is Mission Critical

It’s here, and then it’s gone. That’s the draw of a pop up display. It creates a sense of urgency… a basic marketing need for any brand.

A pop up display, particularly a large-scale installation like the one we’ll discuss below, grabs the attention and introduces consumers to a brand or product. These fleeting displays are relatively mobile and easy to set up, break down and transport.

The best-designed pop up displays also capture customer data by having some kind of interactive feature. Most importantly, they provide consumers with the unexpected: a face-to-face brand experience that’s sorely lacking in today’s online-shopping dominated economy.

The Pop Up Display Trend is for Real

Several years ago, marketers referred to a “pop up display trend.” Now it’s clear that trend is here to stay. Pop up displays have become a go-to marketing strategy for retailers.

What are consumers looking for in a pop up display, exactly? According to a poll in PopUp Republic:

  • Unique services/products – 39 percent
  • Localized assortments – 36 percent
  • Optimal pricing – 34 percent
  • Convenience – 33 percent
  • A fun experience – 30 percent

The Pop Up Display we built for Appleton Estate at JFK

Popup display at JFK

When Appleton Estate needed a pop up display for JFK airport in New York for their ‘Special Delivery From the Heart of Jamaica’ global promotional campaign, they turned to Empire Display Solutions.

The goal of the campaign was to share with travelers the story of Appleton Estate, which goes back a long, long way.

The estate has been continuously producing rum in Cockpit Country, Jamaica for 265 years. It’s one of just three regions in the world with the proper soil composition to grow ten varieties of sugarcane.

We worked closely with Appleton Estate’s design and creative team to design a “beachside feel” pop up display complete with:

  • Light wood laminates
  • Real rattan furniture
  • Distressed wood counters
  • A display case made of real oak barrels that featured their top brands

To complete the experience, travelers were welcomed to this ‘cargo station’ with a brand-stamped ‘Customs Clearance Form’ that shared how Appleton Estate’s rums are created.

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