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The Brand Experience we Created for Rip It Energy

In the past, a brand’s relationship with a consumer was pretty simplistic. You sold them a product or service, and then you forgot about them. The transaction was complete. Now the thinking has changed dramatically. The goal is to create continuous engagement with your consumers.

The paradigm shift has come about after research revealed that brands that were successful over the long term tended to be those with high levels of brand loyalty. Hence, the “full brand experience” was born.

What is a Brand Experience?

A brand experience is defined as the sum total of all the interactions a consumer has with a product, service or organization.

The same way we all form opinions of people in our lives — by weighing our interactions and taking note of how they make us feel —  consumers form opinions about companies. This opinion is defined as the brand experience.

It’s what the company produces plus the consumers’ experience of it.

An ideal brand experience creates a ‘360 degree’ experience for consumers. Every interaction supports the brand’s goals. The messaging is consistent and it’s targeted at the right people.

The best pop up displays and trade show booths don’t just grab the attention, but add to the brand experience. They’re “on brand” and hence they tend to increasing trade show participation and customer loyalty.

The Brand Experience we created for Rip It Energy

Rip It Energy, a product of National Beverage Company, which also owns LaCroix, may not be as well known as rivals Red Bull and Monster.

But it is the energy drink of choice for military service members here and overseas. Some estimate that between 75 to 90 percent of service members have tried it, with somewhere near half drinking it regularly.

Service members support Rip It Energy, and Rip It Energy returns the love. The company teams up with organizations that help active duty servicemen with care packages including video game systems and energy drinks. They also coordinate programming and support for vets that have returned home from active duty.

So it’s no surprise that when Rip It Energy was exhibiting at the National Association of Convenience Stores Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, they wanted to highlight their support of military members and their families with an authentic brand experience.

Rip It Energy had two booth spaces to fill, one 10×20 and the other 20×20.

The 10×20 space became a serving area for all their military-themed flavors — flavors like Poo Tin Power, Tribute C.Y.P.-X, and Stinger MO.

We decked out the 20×20 space with military colors and graphics and set up an interactive display where attendees could relax, play video games and chat.

The display was a great success. The brand experience created at the trade show replicated how the brand’s consumers use the product.

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